Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And now there are three

I know I have mentioned this before, but now it is just getting out of control. For a while, around August of 2009, I found out that there would be two huge conventions (two of the three biggest guns out there) during the same month (the following October). When October of 2009 came around, I got the official word that Wizard conventions were going head-to-head with the NYCC guys. Now for the record, I have no problems with either company, (as a matter of fact, both of them have done nothing but be helpful to my little company (and by osmosis my radio show). That being said, I think it is the stupidest thing to do. It will hurt the fans, the vendors and both companies. NY is big enough to have 2 cons in the same year, so why have them on the same days? Anyways, I have voiced this alot on my radio show, and just last week, I found out even worse news...Seems that Wizard has decided to have a third convention (their second one) in the same month over in NJ!

So let me put this in perspective for you: In one month there will be three HUGE conventions in the tri-state area 2 of which will be on the same day(s)! All I have to say about this is WTF?

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