Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Captain America Dies (again)

Many of you don't know that I am waaay behind on my comic book reading. So while at my "day job" I take the time and read as many comics as I can. Some I can't read because I am missing some issues, and I like to get the whole story. But I have so much to read that really isn't an (pardon the pun) an issue.

Anyways...I just finished reading Marvel Comic's "Last Man Standing", "Last Planet Standing", and "A-Next" second series. It was an uneven tale, by Tom DeFalco, but still a good read if you want to know the whole story. In it, Captain America died and gets turned into a star by Thor. This series of books are set in the M2 Universe which (at one point in time) was supposed to be the "official" future of the Marvel Universe set (about (10 years ahead). Seeing as how I still haven't read "Civil War" or "Captain America" issue 25, It was a weird feeling to see him die even tho he was just killed. I wonder if that lessened the effect of the story.....

10/21/08 update: Death in comics have seem to lost it's meaning to me. You know they are going to come back. Since comics (at least now-a-days) are less...fluid, you can always go back and tell more stories about a character who has died without brining them back. So I say if you kill them off. Keep them dead.

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