Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This is now

I was just thinking over the weekend how things have changed. I was remembering how I had given myself 6 months to see if this endeavor would be feasible. Last time I really didn't give myself a time line, I just went for it sink or swim.

I sank.


But I didn't drown. I took what i had learned and waited "until things were "as good as they were going to get" before trying this again.

So here we are. Before I didn't have a web site, I do now. Before I was focusing on money coming in, this time i am focusing on marketing, promotion. Last time I used to have difficulty booking guests or getting the show ready before Thursday, now I am weeks (and in some cases) months ahead. Before I had little or no help from people on the show (Except Jennifer, she really was behind me on this), now Hassan has stepped up to the plate and Peter (who replaced Todd, for those of you who remember) is now a big part of the show. I now have contacts and made business relationships that I didn't have before. Things look like they are going in the right direction.

With Jennifer leaving the show, i will not have her unique perspective that she brought to the show. Jess will do fine, but she wont be there all the time.

So if you see us at a convention with new faces, and new stuff to promote/give away/sell and wonder (hopefully in a positive way) "what happened to them?" Just remember that was then, this is now.....

10/21/08 update: I swam a little longer this time. I think I actually have stuff to show for it. My comic is being published, and who knows, the radio show may come back one day.....

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