Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A different shade of pink

Starting this week on "The Comic book Novice" I am going to slowly (and I mean slowly) start to phase Jennifer (our woman on the street) out to make room for a new gal. As it stands right now, doing temporary duties (on a spotty basis) is Jessica Ferrera (from Terminal Press). Jess was a guest during our first run of the show, and she called in to support her hubby Brian when Terminal Press was a guest on our show a few weeks ago.
Jennifer is unique and irreplaceable, but she is going to attend college and continue to pursue her career. She will still be filling in from time to time until we get a permanent new girl.
Both Jennifer and Jess will be on this weeks show sort of as a passing of the torch.
This reminds me to actually put up Jennifer's profile (or at least get our web master to do it) on the site.

10/21/08 update: I never got around to explaining the title of this paticular blog. As I have said many many times, I am a HUGE Power Ranger fan. When Amy Jo Johnson (the original pink power ranger) left the show, she was replaced by a new pink ranger (Catherine Sullivan). The episode title? A Different Shade of Pink.

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