Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A little behind the scenes

So the last two weeks were...interesting regarding the show. Normally, Peter Palmiotti takes the L.I.R.R. to the radio station and I pick him up from there. Sometimes I am late and I have had others give him a ride from the (train) station to the (radio) station. On our 4/26 show, Pete was the one who was running late. He missed his train and the next one (which he was on when he called me) would not arrive until 9:35pm. Hassan (at the time) was also running late (traffic). He was coming from work from Wizard and everything was backed up. Jennifer had off, and The new girl Jess wasn't able to come in. We had a call in guest for that show, so that meant that Pete, Hassan, and our guest could not all call into the show. So I had to try and meet Pete at an earlier station and race to the studio.

I got him at 8:53pm.

So I told Hassan not to call in and I called the radio station and told him the situation. We decided to do the show from the car until we got to the station. Despite all that, I think the show went pretty well, even Jennifer called in towards the end as a pleasant surprise.

10/21/08 update: That was a drain on me...Picking up (and dropping off people) on Thursdays. I tried to do that to make up for not paying them. That took its toll on me. Calling in to the show was always meant to be a back up. It was easier to do, but it encouraged bad practices. To be a regular on the show you had to be in the studio.

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