Tuesday, July 3, 2007

2 different things..

I like structure. That is why I post once a week. Sometimes I'm like "hey this (enter subject) might be a good thing to blog about. But it's not Tuesday. Sometimes I'm like "aw crap it's Tuesday and I have nothing to blog about".
So If I were to expand the frequency of my blogs I may run out of things to say or worse I won't keep my schedule. It has occurred to me that I can save my blogs and then post them later. So now I can write my thoughts down at any time and then publish them on Tuesday. If I start to get a back log of blogs only then will I start to increase my postings.

But that isnt what this blog is about (well, actually it is given the title)

This past Saturday, I took Peter Palmiotti and Jennifer down to the Crazee Comic guy's podcasting area to do their show. It had been months in the making, but scheduling was always a problem. Anyways after getting there 2 hours late (they wanted to eat and be late) we did the show.
It was a bit different than I am used to on my show. there was really no warrning to start (like a music cue) and we just went. At the station, we all (well, 4 of us at least) get head sets and here only Sam (the show's host) had one. There really was no structure in the fact that we just talked. It was more like a really good conversation with friends at a social event than doing an actual show.
so much so in fact that although we were scheduled for 1 hour we lasted 3! It was fun and a nice change of pace. Take a listen to it here: http://www.catchdacraze.com/episode86.html

10/21/08 update: They finally got Hassan to do the show. You can listen to it here:

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Catch Da Craze said...

Glad you pointed that out. We just go for the ride and see where we end up. It's more of a human interest sitting at a bar type setting. Where a radio station is more structured and can be intimidating for a guest. That's the beauty of podcasting. Good to have you on.