Tuesday, July 24, 2007


A long time ago I had planned to make a TV show to go along with the radio show. there are so many reasons (that i won't go into right now) which stopped that from happening. But recently "The Novice" Belkis brought new information which now makes it possible to record and have our TV show as a web cast.
The show will be broken into 5 parts with a small animation as a bumper between segments. the first part will be just like the radio show where the four of us (Peter Palmotti, Hassan, Belkis and myself) will have a round table discussion. The second part will have Belkis on the "street" interviewing comic book fans. the third part will have "The Masked Ranter" where he will just rant about anything and everything comic book novice related. The fourth part will have Peter Palmiotti going behind the scenes at either Marvel, DC, or maybe even Wizard entertainment. The fifth part will have me doing hypnosis. I plan to do some type of hypnosis demonstration with Belkis as my lovely assistant.
Filming will be happening soon, but I figure the finished product will be done maybe sometime late September. Keep and eye out for updates on the site!

10/21/08 update: While trying not to sound like a broken record, the TV show just couldn't happen. I got as far as actually recording a few bits of hypnosis with Belkis, but one of the cameras had no sound, so even that footage was useless. While I think the TV show would have been a great thing, it is just too much to put together with people working for free. Maybe if I was still in high school, it would be easier. Tech has caught up with today's youth and it looks like everyone is making something. Just look at Youtube.

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