Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Helping others while helping myself

I always wanted to have my own comic book published. Never wanted anything else. Well, more specifically, I wanted to work in comics, but after years of orbiting the outside I now see that your own book is the way to go (not that I wouldn't jump at a chance to work on the big 2) .
Next year is my shot. Not only is my book going to come out ("The Chosen Few") but one of my characters (Sunburst) is going to be featured in the Multi-company crossover called "War of The Independents". To top it all off, I'm supposed to co-write a one shot lead-in to that aforementioned crossover using 3 characters (Ezra, Talon, Bright Eyes) none of which is mine!
But before any of that happens, One of those characters (Talon) has a shot at her very own series. Her creator (Scottie Ray Watson) is involved in "Small Press Idol" a contest from Dimestore productions (www.dimestoreproductions.com).
The Prize? A 4 issue run. Not a bad gig. All the rounds (there have been four) were all based on voting. This round is the same but you have to pre-order a copy of the book as your vote. I haven't voted (but that's because I'm not really into voting as a process), but I am going to order a copy of "Talon". "Why?" you may ask. "What about the others?", "Don't they deserve a chance also?" may be your follow questions. Well, If "Talon" wins, not only can Scott achieve his dream, but it helps me in my dream. So why not?

10/21/08 update: Swat won! Dimestore is waiting on him to publish the book an I'm still waiting on the collaboration with him and Peter Palmiotti. Funny thing is that the runner up "Sky Pirates" has already published and are constantly promoting their book.


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