Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The ad is out. Wizard issue #194. My ad, is on page 99. It looks pretty good. I was concerned about the text size of certain things, but it worked out fine. This was a big play. They say the bigger the risk, the greater the gain. So I'm taking a risk here. An ad ain't cheap, and hopefully this will make a return on my investment. it's only 30ish days of advertisement, but it should go through a lot of hands during that time.
The site should be changing in the next few weeks to better receive the traffic that hopefully will come my way.
so in the next month while issue 194 is floating around, I'll know where I stand for the next year.


khicks said...

I hope the ad was worth it, it definitely caught my eye and promted me to google you. For what its' worth, you will have my support. Continue success. I applaud each of you for your efforts and for taking chances.

Kevin Hicks

The Comic Book Novice said...

well, thank you kevin. although the ad should have directed you here without the help of google!

I hope you enjoy my radio show and will help spread the word!