Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So here's something that I was thinking about the other day. It actually came to me at an I-con . I was attending a Panel featuring Peter David (my favorite writer) and the subject was about favorite comic book movie and why.
Now that honor (at the time) went to "League of Extraordany Gentlemen" (for reasons I'll go into another time. But as the discussion progressed, it occurred to me that it's just not the movie that makes it a great movie, but the circumstanes around that initial viewing that affects the enjoyment of a paticular movie.
For example. a bad day can make an ok movie really crappy, and vice versa. Also age is a factor. I was taklking to a guy and he was telling me that as a kid, he loved "Surf Ninjas". then when he say it the other day, he said it was "so sucky" and can't believe that he loved that movie.
the final straw of my discovery was that really a bad (or good) movie is subjective. No matter how many people like (or hate) a movie what really matters is what YOU think. Sure it's hard to defend a movie that "everyone else" says is bad, or trash a movie which (for some crazy reason) "the masses" deem great. But it's how you felt (or still feel) after watching that movie.
So for me, My top 3 comic book moveis are:
Sin City

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