Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So I made it back from the Big Apple Con and while I was sitting there, I noticed some of my neighbors setting up their tables. It reminded me of when I did my first convention and all the things that I should have brought with me but didn't. So here is a brief list of things that one should always bring to a con (if you are setting up a table that is). Keep in mind that some things may not apply to you depending on what kind of table you are having

First you should bring your own tablecloth. Even if you are provided one, you may not like the color/type of cloth.

Tape. More specifically artists (or painters) tape. This is the kind that you can use on almost any surface and when you peel it off at the end of the show, it leaves no mark. Regular tape can (and usually does) damage the paint on the walls. Need to stick up a banner, or hold something down to your table (or tablecloth)? Bring a roll of tape.

A pen. It amazng how often one needs a pen. (and dont forget a small pad to write down stuff on!)

Index cards/post-its. Once again something to write stuff down on. But these items can serve a dual purpose. You can write on these things and then place them on (or near) items you want to sell, or maybe just have information for passer-bys.

One plastic bag. Yep, it's good to have a bag set aside for garbage. The one you get shopping at a grocery store. That way you wont have a mess under the table and you wont have to constantly get up to throw out stuff. Also, a second bag for free stuff. If you plan to network and/or walk around, you'll need something to put all your free stuff in.

Change. If you plan to sell something, it's good to have about $20.00 in singles. Sometimes you can lose a sale if you don't have the correct change.

Buisness card/post card/fliers. Basically something that has your info on it that you can give away to people.

A friend. Man I have to tell you, sitting with someone at a table is waaaay better than if you are there by yourself. Not only do you have someone to talk to, but it gives you the ability to leave your table and have someone watch your stuff. Also comes in handy when packing/unpacking your table.

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