Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Up next

I mentioned last time about the changes that are coming to the site and the events that I'm planning to keep this little company going. The next big thing on our calendar is The National Big Apple Con This convention in New York that has been a mainstay for many years and this particular convention (16-18) is going to be his biggest yet.

The thing for me is that I plan to go to the SDCC in 2008 and because of certain finances that were promised have not arrived, I'm going to have to really work on a shoe string budget to make sure that I'm still going to be able to have my book ready for the SDCC AND make it to the con as well.

Normally, the Big Apple Con is something that alot of people take for granted and the past few turnouts have been thin. But this time it is expected to be huge as Mike Carbanaro (the company's head) has pulled out all the stops in making it THE convention to go to. So we are now expecting high numbers. So many, that I am worried that I might be under prepared. It's the same feeling that I'm getting when I think about the SDCC and that is oh-so many months away. I didn't really make anything "new" for this convention (once again a cost issue) and any experiments that I decide to do will have to wait for the SDCC (because to me really that will be my BIG push). So if you are in NYC (or close enough to travel) stop by our table, meet the very attractive Belkis (she does not have a face for radio!), see me and support us!

And on our 11/15 radio show we will be giving away passes to the Big Apple Con for FREE!

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