Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I'm trying to rememebr the saying...6 on one hand, half dozen on the other? Well, what I'm writing about is the fact that I'm never at "full throttle". It seems that when one thing is working, something else isnt.
Now I mentioned the forces before, but this is different. See my web site used to have no problem updating the front page (generally speaking) but the radio shows were taking a while to show up on the download section. Now (with my new webmaster) the radio shows are updated each week, but the front page remains stagnant.
We did a slew of video interviews almost a year ago, yet the editing process is almost non-exestant.
Just trying to get everything up to speed is a job on it's own. But I keep pushing. maybe one day we will be working on all cylinders, which (for me anyway) is having my co-hosts post on this blog on a regular basis, a fully functional (and constantly updated) website, a weekly tv show, and me working on my next book (there should always be a next book!)

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