Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Carryin' on

During the week (which for me is Tuesday to Tuesday) things happen or thoughts occur to me and I think "Hey, this might be a good thing to blog about". Yet when Tuesday comes most times I come to a blank. "Why don't you blog more often?" one might ask. Well, the answer is simple. I like structure. I like things to work a certain way on a consistent basis.

Anyway, This week I'm going to (once again) vent about something that's been bothering me of recent weeks. As you may (or may not, only two choices!) know, 2008 is supposed to be a big year for me and my little company. I did some cons, I did my ad, and I have been trying to figure out how to get my book ready for the SDCC.

Of course the backbone of everything is the radio show (and the relating web-site). I figure once the book comes out things will (well, should) shift. So right now (beyond the talent behind the book) I have to have constant dealings with my webmaster, and the guys from the radio show. Now everyone works for free and I know I can't do everything by myself (unlike my good buddy over at crazee comics) but sometimes it feels like my group doesn't share my passion, vision, my insight on how my company works (or needs to work).

I try to bend over backwards to keep my people happy. Cause really they can leave at any time. Yet I'm thinking that maybe if I don't rely on others so much I may be forced to step up and do more (or fail horribly trying).

Let's take the Comic. It's been about 4 years since I asked my art team to make the book. As of right now (with the 12/31/07 deadline approaching (to assure that the book will be lettered and published well before the SDCC) and there are about 8 pages that still need to be re-drawn, and about 70+ pages left to ink.

With the radio show, I ask that my co-hosts attend conventions, try to "fill the role" assigned by myself (which basically are them being themselves) and help out wherever/whenever they can. Out of the Four I started with (the really old shows (2003) will be uploaded as soon as the website is at 80% or better) Only Hassan and I remain. This past show we spoke about the role of women in the comic book industry. It was a panel show where I throw out questions or examples and let the rest of the group talk about it. Hopefully it promotes a good discussion and gets people to call in. While it doesn't sound like it, on the day of taping, I felt that they were essentially saying to me "hey why don't you find people to talk about this subject, cause we are not experts". If I wanted an expert I would have had him (or her) as a guest (which would have turned that week into a guest show). I just wanted a free flowing talk about the subject that week. Also, notice that my current co-hosts haven't posted on this blog in months. Of course, I really can't fault them, I'm just making note of it.

Last week I mentioned the website so I wont have to go over that again, but at least I know he's working on it and (hopefully) when it's back on track, my new webmaster will be able to keep on top of it. At least the shows are being updated.

Finally, (beyond "outside work", which is really anyone and everyone promoting the show) the last thing I want to cover is conventions. They have a dual purpose (for me anyways). 1) Promote the show and 2) try to sell stuff (to try to make back the cost of doing the con). I can't sell stuff. Even if I am all behind the product, I am not the seller. My job at a con is to "know stuff". Know about the show, about the site, about the company. I sit at the table and hand out fliers, talk to people and try to make new contacts/friends. Women sell stuff. Hot women sell more stuff. That is a fact. I have a hot new co-host, yet she doesn't sell as much as Jennifer used to. Jennifer was (and still is) cute. But she could sell ice to an Eskimo, she could sell Hookers to Hugh Hefner. Yet now product doesn't move. It could be the change of the times, or the economy, but really I think it is something more. On our table we sell CD's. I now have two. a 2003 and 2007 edition of the Best of my radio show. People like clip shows. Other radio shows produce "best of's" so why not me? It's a little something with new content (along with clips of past shows) to let people know what we do on the show and (hopefully) get people to listen in to the live feed (or archives). If the show is good, the best of CD is a good product. I was told in no uncertain terms that the CD is a bad idea and how it would not be an item that would be pushed or even mentioned at the con. This was said by one of my own people! the quote was "I won't sell something that I don't believe in". This is a valid argument. I say that all the time at my "day job". I used to say that at my old "day job". But how can you be on a radio show, promote the radio show and not try to bring in revenue because you don't believe in the product that you are on. To me that says "I Don't believe in the show". If you don't believe in the show, why do it? I know why I have you on the show, because I need you to make a good product. I can't do it all myself. Hell, I don't even think I could carry an entertaining half hour with just me talking. I remember a conversation I had with Hassan just before I decided to do the show. I asked him would he do it and then said that if he didn't want to/couldn't then I wouldn't do it. (obviously) He said yes.

So I need them and if I could I would be paying them (some I have in a way). But (at least once a week) I wonder how good would things be if we were at 100% and how/what can I do to make it that way.....

I can survive, but I want to thrive.

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