Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Live vs....

This past week, I decided to have a little contest. It was (and still is) just an indicator to see how many people listen to the live show and how many download it. See there really is no way for me to tell that. After all, anyone listens live either goes to the radio station's website or just goes on the radio. We can only track how many people visit the site.

So far we haven't recieved that many entries. Which leads me to think that doing a live show isn't as...what's the word I'm looking for....special(?) as one would think. I mean a radio show does have some clout to it, and opens doors that podcasting doesn't, but is that enough? only time will tell.

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Crazee said...

I think because of the time of the day it may be difficult for some to break away from their favorite shows on TV or cable. Yes radio does provide a sense of legitimacy to industry professionals but for fans, you have to remember in podcasting we are competing with the heavy weights like Comic Geek Speak, in radio you are competing with FanBoy Radio and The Comic Zone in NY. The one thing that will separate you from the rest is uniqueness and reach. Sponsorships and hype. Keep pushing the limit and raise the bar it will happen.