Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Here's something I didn't realize till half way through this or I can't dance

Ever lost a day? Well, I did. I thought today was Tuesday. I got up and I was like I have so much to write about lets get to it. While writing, I turned on the TV and it said today was Wednesday. Now here is something that (might be) interesting. A little background if you will. My week usually works like this. Thursday-show, Friday-upload show to ftp (then my webmaster gets it) sleep late, Saturday thru Monday-Work at other job, Tuesday-blog, Wednesday-follow up/do stuff I didn't do. For the past few weeks, I have had Monday off. So I got an extra day to be at home. This week, got called in, so it felt like Monday was Sunday, and Tuesday was Monday. Now I didn't see any clues that it was Tuesday, When I watch TV ('cept for Judge Judy and The Price is Right (daytime version)) it's on tape. By sheer coincidence, I was watching shows that normally air on Monday (just a few months ago). So no clues there. Normally I try to catch the news (live, not on tape) but I was doing other things and I missed it, so no help there. So I figure I have to stop typing and go up to put this little note it.

We now return you to the regularly scheduled blog already in progress

Yes, I can't dance (well). I mean EVERYONE can "dance" (just move to the music). But dance like an average person? Not me. There are many things I can't do. yet the things I can do I think I do them quite well. In "Married....with Children" (one of my all time fav TV shows) there was one episode where Al told Kelly "don't try to do everything, find one thing and then do it better than anyone" (not sure if that was the exact quote). At any rate it was good advice. Many years later, I was talking to my favorite comic book writer Peter David and I asked him what was he best known for. He went on an to an extensive list of things that he is known for because he is known to many groups (Kids, Sci-fi guys, Star Trek guys, Comic guys). I said "wow, that's a lot of things" and he said "Jack of all trades, master of none". A few years after that, I was reading one of those books by the "Rich dad, Poor dad" guy (don't remember the name right now) and it said (once again not sure of the exact quote) "don't do everything yourself, if you need to do something you are not an expert on, surround yourself with those who are". So I see it as this. I can't run and maintain a website, get a webmaster. I am shy at times when meeting new people, hang out with those who are very outgoing. I can't do interviews, look good on camera, take photos, look for sponsors, edit video, hand out fliers, run a table all at the same time, but I can manage things, I can lead, I can keep a show moving. Sure it's not easy, and I can always do better, but while I can't dance, We sure as hell can move to the music!

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