Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I-conic trip?

While we will be talking about it on this week's show, I wanted to leave my thoughts on the I-con here first.

I have been going to I-con (off and on) for about 10 years. And I can tell that it has changed much over the years. The biggest thing I noticed is the rising price, the expansion of the over all con (after all, it uses the entire Stonybrook campus), the sheer number of costumes, and the decline of the "big" names. What makes up for it is that the "regulars" are always entertaining. Not for nothing some of the regulars are big names, but I find that even if Jim Lee was to come to a con for 10 years straight, it gets kinda dull.

As for content, You got your "new" movies such as "I am legend" and the old/"why am I wasting my time movies" such as "Journey to the Planet of Prehistoric Women". You got your gaming (video, Live-action role play, and card), sci-fi and literature stuff. I'm into the comics gaming (not so much) and the Movie and TV stars. Even tho there was plenty of things to do, there wasn't enough for me to do to warant me to go for the whole weekend, so I only went on Saturday.

For me, it was all about Peter David, Dwayne McDuffie, and Erine Hudson. Altho I didn't see Peter David, I had a great time on two Dwayne McDuffie panels, and I even got to interview him as well as Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson. Both audio interviews are already on the main site.


Anonymous said...

Hey I went to the I-con also I felt it has turned into what the Creation conventions turned into. It just became blah that I didn't want to go for the 3 days either.

The Comic Book Novice said...

I remember the Creation conventions....They did take a nose dive at the end. I remember the last one I went to was two cons at the same time, but you had to pay twice to see everything....