Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Buy my book!

Altho it says "preview issue" it really is the first issue of the comic. The only difference is that in the Graphic Novel the inside will be in color!

I know everybody and their dog has a comic and (I guess) each one is just as important as any other indy book. So why buy my book? I have been thinking about that question alot. I have read quite a few indy books. Some of them I have even bought. Some are good and some...not so good. I hope my book will turn out to be one of the good ones. I put my best into it and I am proud of it. I would be more proud of the Graphic novel, but I'll take this little victory.

Really haven't answered why you should by my book....

For one thing, it's finished. so the other issues will come out soon. It's $3.00 which is less than your standard fare of books these days. It's for all ages (well, pg-13 depending on how well you know your kid). but overall, the one thing I can say is that it's a fun read. So far the reviews I got were positive. I do plan to send out some issues for review. But since I am not the publisher, that is sort of up to Dark Elf Designs.

So it's my first book ever to see print, after 10 years and (basically) my entire life of waiting, I did it, so show some love and buy a copy. if you don't like it let me know, questions, comments tell me, and if you do like it spread the word!

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