Thursday, August 21, 2008

So I have been quiet for the past few days (well, week really). The show is on hiatus, but I think we might be able to do just podcasting soon. The coverages from the past two cons are being edited and (very slowly) being uploaded to the site. The book is out, and I have submitted it to Image comics and am looking into a few more places to see if I can get picked up again. The guys at Dark Elf Designs are ok with that based on our conversations (and since one of the heads of the company is inking the book, he will still get some $$).

It's weird haveing another Thursday with no show to do. Hopefully some of the potential sponsors will pick us up and we can go back on the air. Last time it took a couple of years before we were back. This time around I figure only (at most) a couple of months.

"What can I do to help?" you may be asking. Send me an e-mail, let me know if you have been listening to the show and what you think. If you want us back, let people know, spread the word, buy my book. Be active in our shows future.

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