Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Times are tough. While on my many road trips (all of them alot smaller than driving to California) I hear about (on the radio) how we are in a recession. Yet at the same time the Dark Knight is breaking box office records left and right and oil companies are making record profits. So I am puzzled as to if it is a good or bad time to be running a company, looking for sponsors.

Technically, I have been running this company since 2002 but we weren't "official" (or even incorporated) until 2006. Way back then I had a goal. To get my comic book out. Somewhere along the way I got a radio show. Now it's one of those things where I am the producer so It's my show. I pay for everything. To make money, I have to sell ad space.

When I first started, I focused on getting sponsors. That lasted me a little over a year. I had sponsors (a couple of them) but no one really knew about the show. This time around (after our lengthy hiatus) I focused on promotion of the show. I made a lot of contacts, did some really good interviews and gone to places I never thought I would be able to get to. So the word is out, but no sponsors.

I am rapidly approaching a point where we need a sponsor (or a couple of them) to keep the show going. The radio show is a good thing (everyone who has listened to it says they like it and the only complaint is that it is too short (better to be too short than too long). We are reaching an audience worldwide (according to the numbers on the site, people in Australia, and the UK are tuning in).

Now that the book (issue one at least) has been released, if the sales are good from that, I can use that money to keep the show going. So Buy my book, if you want to sponsor us, let me know, Promote your stuff. If you like what you see, support us.

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