Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Four Marks

I was at a BBQ this past week and it came up in conversation that I was a fighter when I was little. I used to have a temper. Still do, but I have kept it in check since high school. It occurred to me that the people that I have met through my life only know one (or maybe two) of the four possible Marks that exist.

The first Mark which was from early childhood to around 1989. I had a temper, a clear view of right and wrong good and bad.
The second Mark wich started around 1988. I started to find my leadership role, and my personality.
The third Mark which came around 1999 is very contridicatory. I was depressed and full of life at the same time. Very witty and dedicated.
And the foruth and final Mark is the professional one. The private one.

Which Mark do you know?
How many "Yous" are there?

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