Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Blogs, bullsh*t and bubblegum, all as equally innocuous, pointless and self indulgent. I figure by continuing to insist that I hate blogs and think they’re pretentious, I’ll exonerate myself from being labeled and over inflated egotistical prick for all the terrible things I’m probably going to say in the coming months and years. What do you think, think it’ll work? No? Me neither. But anyways. A blog is as much a bullsh*t waste of time as chewing bubblegum, isn’t it? It’s pointless, hardly ever nourishing, and it passes the time that comes between you doing anything important and constructive in your life. And by that I refer to both reading and writing one. I just want everyone to know sincerely that I don’t hate anyone or anything, extensively, not thoroughly or completely. My attitude can always be changed and has been by some of the most seemingly mundane things. But then again, when I lock onto something, I’m rarely gonna let go of it, especially if I think it’s a matter that sticks. I mean, it’s my blog, right? Why should I let go? Get you own blog if you don’t think it should work that way! Love you all…

Screamer H.
(Hassan Godwin)

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