Friday, January 12, 2007

Why dammit?! Why?

I have come back to destroy the monkey’s by means of mutual slaughter. No I didn’t make that up, I lifted that from a movie, I just love the way it sounds. Today’s topic is paying attention. You complacent, conformist little nothings, open your bug eyes for once in your life and start taking notice of things, will you please?! I mean, honestly… Here’s my point. Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest. This movie is like the spice girls. Remember them? Everyone hated the spice girls, a band with platimum albums , television endorsements and a f*cking movie reminiscent of Hard days night! I proclaim that someone out there liked them! Who are we kidding! On the subject of Pirates, everyone screams, “I hated this one, it wasn’t as good as the first one” “It wasn’t as funny” “I didn’t like it nearly as much.” Which of course leads into the inevitable statement, wrapping it all up with a neat little bow on it, “That movie sucked!” Next time someone starts to run this rag on you, just for laughs, Listen the the whole thing, don’t be rude. When their done, then you calmly ask…”Why?” and see faces change. People’ll start stuttering, and back peddlin’, cause everyone is a critic. We all think we sound amazingly cerebral when we chortle off a bunch of strung together adjectives to berate and admonish something. Apparently to like something seems to stand out as a weakness, as if you are not and intellectual when you actually appreciate something, or enjoyed it. So I guess hate is for the geniuses whom are crestfallen constantly because they’re being inundated with sub standard stimuli? Aww poor babies. Go out and make a movie with all that time you’re pissin’ away coming up with zingers to throw around that mean next to nothing. I swear to you all, whenever I put something down you’ll get two solid disclaimers before I’m finished, A) a reason for each and everything I’ve said. B) the sterling silver assurance that I know this is only my bloody awful opinion! In conclusion, just tell me why something sucks, and I’ll leave you alone, be a little more clever than, “Ohh, I dunno…it just did!” Someone had to have liked that film, cause it made over 300 mil at the BO, babies. So that means not only did peoples see it first time out, but they went the hell back and saw it over and over again! Of course later the buzz has to come out and the ‘too cool for schoolers’ have to come tumbling back down the mountain telling the local peasants that there was nothing of note happening up there at all! Just to sound as though they’ve been weathered and know something more than the fact that they wade through bullshit on a regular basis. But I digress. Love till next time kids!!!

Screamer H.
(Hassan Godwin)

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