Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2 cars, one guy

So I did go and see that Hancock screening after all. While there I met up with and talked to one of the 2 other guys who are going to go to the SDCC with me. We had to work out the problem of getting my car back to a place where I can pick it up that's near the airport so I can drive home when I get back. See, I am driving cross-country and flying back. So I am going to rent a car to go. I had three places to choose from to get the car rental. 1) the place closest to where I live, 2) somewhere near the airport (which happens to be where a few of my friends live, or 3) near the radio station. Turns out the radio station was cheapest and most convenient. That makes the plan, go to the station, get new car and drive out to Cali. I needed my friend to go to the station and get my car. the problem is that he couldn't find another driver. But that's all worked out now. It's a good thing that I have many friends...

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