Sunday, July 13, 2008

last year

I was talking with one of the guys that are going with me to the SDCC and the conversation came to the plans I had for this con a year ago. I had planned for a table, my 110 page graphic novel to be ready for sale, a bus tour from NY to Cali, and I had a completely different staff on the radio show.

I did plan to drive there and fly back, but beyond that, everything is completely different. I still am going, driving by myself (but flying back), I may or may not have a book ready in time, I have a small space on someone else's table, who just happens to be my new co-host Brian Ferrera from Terminal Press.

As I get closer (and more anxious) I wonder if I should go. I mean I am going, but should I go? I guess as long as I get some sponsors, it will be worth it.

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