Sunday, July 27, 2008

2 hours

That is the amount of time that I am going to have to sit in the hotel lobby tonight. "Why is that?" you might ask. well, (as I would reply) seems that the Hero Envy guys (which I am sharing a room with) are dead to the world (deep asleep) and the guys who are helping me out are at a club about 90 miles away, which translates to 2 hours waiting.

So in these two hours, I will tell you about my little trip. As many of you know I left from New York right after seeing "Dark Knight" (which was...looks like, my calls to the room got thru. talk more when I get the chance!

EDIT: The story continues.

I am back home now (partially recovered) so let me finish what I was going to say back then (afterwards we go back to our bi-weekly post schedule). "Dark Knight" (which was pretty good). The movie was a little long in the tooth, but over all a good movie. Even me who was not a fan of the first one, (nor of this whole re-boot) can appreciate a well crafted movie. So I left about 2am (if my memory serves me correctly) and headed out on my 11 hour trip to Ohio. not a bad run, no traffic and with Janet (my GPS) along for the ride, it was a breeze getting there. I actually took my time in the drive (stopping at a mall and a few diners) because I was expected on Saturday morning as opposed to Friday evening. Even with all my stops and laxed driving (which set the pace for the entire trip) I got there at 9pm Friday night. Saw my niece and stayed at her dorm. Hanged out the next day with her and her BF, then headed out at 4pm Saturday (which gave me 74 hours to do a 30 hour trip). Keeping with driving only 10 miles above the speed limit and stopping for rests and food. I got to my hotel a whole day early (give or take a few hours). Had I known I was going to get there so early, I would have stopped by the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas (or one of the many casinos I saw along the way). Gas wasn't so bad except for New Mexico where it was $4.50/gal. And there were no tolls except for Oklahoma which had 2 $3.50 ones. I saw Desert (now that's a first), Cacti (another first in nature, I've seen them in stores) and a giant sign for "Howe (photo of a Native American) cars (or maybe it was motors)". When I say "photo of a Native American" that's what was on the sign between the "E" of Howe and the "C" (or "M") of cars (or motors). I thought "Wow that's funny!" (in a non-pc way). But I think they were serious. The only traffic I encountered was in Phoenix AZ and that only took up an hour or so of my trip.
So Monday I was a the hotel and got my room. Not a bad little place. I was hoping to share a room with my co-host Brian, but he wanted "alone time" with his wife (and former co-host) Jess. So A single room for me!
Tuesday I decided to keep the car an extra day, and picked up my friends (one on Wednesday). Then chaos happened. The con was crazy! I think it is too big for it's own good.
Six days later I was on a flight home. We'll talk about the con on this week's show.

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